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Written by Elsa   
Monday, 03 August 2009 16:00

“Emma”is a unique, one of a kind mobile stage.
It is available to rent for all your musical or theatrical projects,for festivals or any open airs events.


The stage can be used either static or on wheels.

With it’s”Old school” look,it’s wooden lay out,it’s rounded front,it’s hidden backstage area and storage space,”Emma” is a stylistic charming part of your stage designs.
It is not only easy and fast to build up, it can also be part of a designed environment (depending on how much you choose to emphasize it’s nostalgic style).



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Written by Elsa   
Monday, 03 August 2009 16:19
The vehicle
Mekanik, Kraftstoff, Ladung
“Emma “is a Saurer collectable truck from 1967,it was property of the swiss army until 2005.
The mechanic and body have been perfectly maintained year after year.
It is a all-terrain vehicle built to drive on any type of fields or path.
Therefore,the stage can be used wherever without any fear of getting stuck in the mud.
In the countries,where the law permits it,the engine has been adapted to run on vegetable oil.
However,it also runs on standard diesel gas.
The actual weight of “Emma”(all inclusive)is 9 tons. It can carry 3 additional tons.

The stage
The dimensions of the top front are:2mw+2.70ml+2.50mh*(Height in the center).
It provides a suitable back-stage space,large enough to be used for changing costumes or just as a chilling area for performers.
A second foldable roof, at the back,gives a larger stage volume with possibility for hanging elements or storing equipment.
The stage can be totally open or closed at the back, wich allows for a better sound diffusion and wind protection.
Movements in scenic space
Many doors on 3 sides of the stage allow for entrance an exit when necessary.
A trap door gives access to the drivers cabin, wich allows performers to be back on stage via the back or side doors.(See schema).
Suspension possibilities
There are wooden transversal on the cealing to attach and hide cables,or to hang spotlights.

(look at the page technical schema)
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Possibilities PDF Print E-mail
Written by Elsa   
Monday, 03 August 2009 22:02
“Emma “ is fitted with solar panels wich provide in autonomy 250 a/h. Some extra electric generators could be provided if necessary.

A sounds system,projection equipment and other technical supplies are providable on demand.

Depending on our availability,we can also take full responsibility for the technical aspect your events or to simply provide some logistic assistance.

For a price estimate, please complete the form. (our prices are determined considering many factors, wich we will gladly discuss with you.)
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